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Vibrant. Living. Green.

Bring the outside in with beautiful, unique and easy-to-maintain, Epiphytes (a.k.a. air plants) that clean the air and create an instant green wall for any space. 

High Tech LED Lighting

Our backlit frames have either cool or warm LED strips that brighten any space and make a bold statement. In our custom design laboratory we offer virtually every color lighting for your unique project. 

Quality Craftsmanship. Creativity. Period.

Using only quality milled steel and aluminum we build each Aerwal with care and we take pride in our work. Our unique hex mesh gently cradles each plant, providing it with a space to grow and thrive. 

Passion for great design!

The creators of Aerwal are passionate about bringing modern design, creativity and living, breathing plants to you. We are craftsmen, horticulturists and energetic designers that think everyone deserves access to living plants. 

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