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What is an airplant?

Epiphytes, also known as air plants, survive and thrive without soil. These plants pull their nutrients and moisture from the air. There is a wealth of information available on the internet or from the botanic gardens in your city.

What if I can't find the installation instructions?

There should have been installation instructions packaged in your Aerwal delivery box. If not, we're sorry about that. You can download or find a pdf version of the installation instructions HERE.

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How do I care for the airplants once my frame is installed?

Basic instructions are available on the "Installation Instructions" pdf, but in summary, you should be misting your air plants with a clean spray bottle filled with tap water two times per week. If you wish to take the plants out of the frame you can soak them in a tub of water for 1 hour once every week or every two weeks.

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How to I make a return?

Simply place your Aerwal back in the box provided and send back to us! We will honor returns on our products (except the plants) for 14 days after purchase. For further details please see our shipping and handling page. 

For more information, see Shipping & Returns.

Do you create custom designs?

Yes! We offer custom design and installation services. Just send us an email and start the conversation! We will provide detailed information on our process and pricing. 

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